We congratulates Prof. Tomer Shlomi who won the ERC Starting grant to support his research!

15 September 2016

Prof. Tomer Shlomi from the Computer Science Department and a member of the Lorry I. Lokey Center for Life Sciences and Engineering won the ERC starting grant to support his research about Cancer Cellular Metabolism across Space and Time.
“The metabolism of cancer cells is altered to meet cellular requirements for growth, providing novel means to selectively target tumorigenesis. While extensively studied, our current view of cancer cellular metabolism is fundamentally limited by lack of information on variability in metabolic activity between distinct subcellular compartments and cells.
We propose to develop a spatio-temporal fluxomics approach for quantifying metabolic fluxes in the cytoplasm vs. mitochondria as well as their cell-cycle dynamics, combining mass-spectrometry based isotope tracing with cell synchronization, rapid cellular fractionation, and computational metabolic network modelling. Spatio-temporal fluxomics will be used to revisit and challenge our current understanding of central metabolism and its induced adaptation to oncogenic events – an important endeavour considering that mitochondrial bioenergetics and biosynthesis are required for tumorigenesis and accumulating evidences for metabolic alterations throughout the cell-cycle. A comprehensive view of how cells adapt their metabolism due to oncogenic mutations will reveal novel targets for anti-cancer drugs.”