Lorry I. Lokey Visit to the Technion

On May 13th, Mr. Lokey arrived at the Technion, accompanied by Mrs. Joanne Harrington and three faculty members from the University of Oregon: Prof. Patrick Jones, Associate Vice President for Research & Innovation, Prof. Andy Berglund, Associate Dean of the Graduate School, and Prof. Miriam Deutsch, of the Department of Optical Physics.
The Lokey party visit commenced with a meaningful opportunity to meet young faculty members affiliated with the Lokey Center. At a full staff meeting, researchers presented their current work to the guests, who were fascinated by the descriptions of the research being carried out and the discoveries being made at the Center. Mr. Lokey was delighted to observe firsthand, how his gift is facilitating so many interesting scientific findings and important discoveries. Mr. Lokey shared his dream and future wide scale vision for the Center: Mr. Lokey envisions the Center becoming an environment for researchers to conduct multidisciplinary investigations; to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers; and to serve as a stepping stone toward future exploration that was not possible just few years ago, for the benefit of humanity.Following the staff meeting, the Lokey party toured TCSB, the innovative Structural Biology Center, guided by the Head of the Center, Dr. Hay Dvir.

During the tour, the guests received detailed explanations on the robotic instrumentation and learned about X-Ray Crystallography, currently the most powerful method for visualizing biological molecules such as DNA and proteins at atomic resolution. The guests were keen to learn more about the instruments’ applications, particularly with regard to medical uses. Of special interest were several local research studies currently under way, making use of the equipment in Structural Biology for drug design. The Lokey visit concluded with a tour of a unique exhibition at the gallery in the foyer of the Technion’s Elyachar Central Library, entitled: LABSCAPES – Views through the Microscope. Anat Har-Gil, exhibition curator, led a tour of the exhibition, featuring 29 images taken through a diverse range of microscopes by Technion researchers working in exact sciences, life sciences, engineering, and medicine.” At first glance the spectacular pictures appear to be something familiar from nature,” described Har-Gil, “but upon reading the caption accompanying each image, viewers discover that the beautifully landscaped pictures are really something different, unusual and unexpected”. The entire staff was very grateful for this opportunity to meet Mr. Lokey and thank him for his vision and generosity. We’re already looking forward to your next visit!   http://lokey.technion.ac.il/galleries/7