Our Mission

Interdisciplinary research is the pillar of modern scientific research, as the borders of scientific disciplines converge, merge, and are intimately dependent on each other.


The Technion has long recognized the value of interdisciplinary research in advancing scientific discovery and its applications. Important research ideas often transcend the scope of a single discipline or program. The Technion integrates research and education through the interdisciplinary education of students who will be able to rise to scientific challenges in innovative ways. The Technion gives high priority to promoting this interdisciplinary research, and supports it through a number of specific programs.


The Lorry I. Lokey Interdisciplinary Center for Life Sciences and Engineering was launched in 2006 to combine the capacity of the Technion’s engineering faculties with those of life sciences and medicine. The Center is the blueprint for multidisciplinary activity at the Technion. As Israel’s first institute of higher education, together with its reputation in engineering and molecular science, it was inevitable that the Technion would be involved in bringing the winds of future change. It not only serves the needs of research today, but must envision the future demands and direction of scientific exploration.


The mission of the Center is to support interdisciplinary scientific research and development as a Technion-wide integrated scientific research network. It boasts top-level scientists, competes successfully for large collaborative research grants, and contributes to the Technion’s capacity for commercializing its intellectual property.

The Center is at the forefront of today's developments in the merger of engineering, life sciences, molecular analysis, and other leading topics in modern research. This is combined with the latest developments in fields of molecular biology in general, and the development of new drugs and medical technologies, backed by the rapid expansion in nanotechnology and the exponential increase in computing power. This position allows it to realize opportunities in accelerating the development of new imaging and analytical tools,  new compounds, bridging between biological systems and technology, developing new biotechnological products, inventing diagnostic and therapeutic tools, and leading in the advance toward a better understanding of life processes in general.   The Lorry I. Lokey Interdisciplinary Center for Life Sciences and Engineering applies creative thought and deep scientific knowledge towards advancing Israel's life science industry for the good of the planet and mankind.