RBNI / Lokey Partnership

Co-funding research activities

The Nanomed initiative established four mechanisms for research funding. The purpose for this innitiative is to accelerate Nanomed research within the Technion community by providing resources and services that are beyond the means of most individual labs. Access is open to all Technion members, and we aim for these funds to foster a culture of interaction and collaboration that will stimulate new approaches to the field. This funding is jointly subsidized by the Russell Berrie  Nanotechnology Institute (RBNI) and the Lorry I. Lokey Interdisciplinary Center for Life Sciences and Engineering.
Joint funding offered within the following categories:

  • Upgrading Individual Researcher’s Labs
  • Upgrading Infrastructure Centers
  • Exceptional Equipment Maintenance
  • Capital Equipment Usage
  • Joint research grants which mandate one researcher from life sciences and a second from engineering, physics, chemistry or computer science.
RBNI and LS&E jointly supported the purchase of equipment for the labs of researchers in the Nanomed community from various faculties such as chemical engineering, medicine, biotechnology and food engineering, biology and others. In addition, RBNI and LS&E jointly subsidized the purchase of infrastructure equipment in other Nanomed related centers at the biotechnology & food engineering, medicine and biomedical engineering departments.   The purchased equipment includes a Covaris-DNA sharing system, Confocal System, Digital HR Ultrasound system, Illumina iScan system, and a few smaller scale devices.   The New Lecture Series A new series of monthly joint lectures on topics related to the interface between life science and engineering was established. Entitled "The Future is Already Here" - these lectures aim to expose students to interdisciplinary research done on campus,  to explore the nature of interdisciplinary research, its strategies, outcomes and implications, and to present the most up-to-date works in this area.