Arie Admon

Professor Arie Admon

Faculty of Biology, Smoler Proteomics Center Biology

Research Interests:

Proteomics, immunology, cancer vaccine, mass spectrometry, HLA peptidome, MAPK signaling these are the field research details

Short Synopsis:

My main research interest focuses on molecular immunology, with a special interest HLA-peptidomics; the research field aimed at characterization of the full repertoires of HLA peptides presented by human cells (HLA peptidome). Another focus of my research is cellular signal transduction with emphasis the molecular events taking place during the action of hormones and other stimuli through the MAPKs pathways. Both of these research directions rely heavily on the use of the modern tools of proteomics, especially mass spectrometry and bioinformatics. Therefore, much of my research efforts are directed at advancing these important technologies and methodologies and promoting their use in these fields. Another direction for the HLA peptidomics studies is aimed at defining its components, which may elicit the undesired immune response during autoimmunity and inflammatory diseases.


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