Noam Adir

Professor Noam Adir


Research Interests:

Structural Biology, Alternative Energy from Photosynthesis

Short Synopsis:

X-ray crystallographic determination of biologically relevant macromolecular structures. Structure and function of photosynthetic reaction centers and antennas. Energy and electron transfer in biological systems. Elucidation of structural parameters important for stabilizing proteins at elevated temperatures. Homology based modeling of proteins. Heat shock proteins.  Enzyme structures, mechanisms of function and development of inhibitors. Development of engineered natural photosynthetic systems for the production of clean energy.
International Collaborations:
Prof. Harry Gray, Caltech; Prof. David Stern, Boyce Thompson Institute; Prof. Wolfgang Lubitz, MPI Mulheim;

11. The dimeric structure of the Cpn60.2 chaperonin of Mycobacterium tuberculosis at 2.8Å reveals possible modes of function A. Shahar, M. Melamed-Frank, Y. Kashi, L. Shimon and N. Adir.  Journal of Molecular Biology, 412, 192-203 (2011).
12. Changes in tyrosinase specificity by ionic liquids and sodium dodecyl sulfate. M. Goldfeder, M. Egozy, V. Shuster Ben-Yosef, N. Adir and A. Fishman. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol. 97, 1953-61 (2013).
13. Allophycocyanin and Phycocyanin crystal structures reveal facets of Phycobilisome assembly. Biochimimica et Biophysica Acta – Bioenergetics. A. Marx and N. Adir. 1827, 311-318 (2013).
14. Arginine 116 structurally and functionally anchors the MntC protein active site outer shell. M. Kanteev and N. Adir Acta Crystallographica F. F69, 237-242 (2013).
15. Influencing the monophenolase/diphenolase activity ratio in tyrosinase. M. Goldfeder, M. Kanteev, N. Adir and A. Fishman. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta – 1834, 629-633 (2013).