Technion Center for Structural Biology

Headed by Dr. Yael Pazy Benhar the Technion Center for Structural Biology (TCSB) was established to enhance structural and molecular studies of wide range of areas in life sciences. TCSB provides expertise and infrastructure for macromolecular crystallography.

The center is located on 1st floor of the Emerson Building. It is home to the most powerful laboratory source of X-rays in Israel, alongside additional state-of-the-art systems for crystallization and biophysical characterization of biological macromolecules.

The TCSB offers researchers the ability to enhance their research by looking at biological processes at atomic resolution, often crucial for unraveling the molecular basis of diseases and for the rational development of therapeutics.

For more information about the TCSB facility and its mode of operation, please visit the Center's website. Technion Center for Structural Biology