Graduate Student program

The Interdisciplinary Program for Graduate Studies in Life Science and Engineering

As part of the Center, we have put together a graduate studies program, toward an M.Sc or Ph.D degree. The program is intended for excellent students with an engineering or exact science background who are interested in pursuing an academic or industrial career in the interface between life sciences and engineering. The M.Sc, lasts 2 years and the Ph.D, 4.5 years.

The goal of the program is to raise a new generation of interdisciplinary graduate students to overcome the increasing challenges in modern life sciences.

Student will be accepted to the program based on their excellent achievements in their undergraduate studies and after a successful interview with the program committee. All students selected for the program will be awarded a fellowship, which will support them throughout the entire program.

The program will include studying basic courses in life sciences as well as advanced dedicated courses on the interface between life sciences and engineering. During the program, M.Sc students will be expected to complete 16 or 30 academic credit points, depending on whether they are from a 4 year or 3 year undergraduate program. Direct Ph.D. students are required to complete 6 additional academic points. During the first year, students are required to conduct three sessions of 3 month rotations in different laboratories at the Technion, which are part of the LSE center. At the end of the first year,  student chose a laboratory, in which to conduct their thesis work, under the supervision of a Technion professor affiliated with the LSE center. The program, details of which are currently being finalized, is being led by Prof. Yael Mandel-Gutfreund.