Kinneret Keren, Assistant Professor

Research Interests:

Biophysics, Biological self organization, Cell motility

Short Synopsis:

• Enas Abu Shah and Kinneret Keren, Symmetry breaking in reconstituted actin cortices,  eLife (2014).

• Arnon D. Lieber, Shlomit Yehudai-Resheff, Erin L. Barnhart, Julie A. Theriot and Kinneret Keren, Membrane tension in rapidly moving cells is determined by cytoskeletal forces, Current Biology 23(15) 1409-1417 (2013).

• Noa Ofer, Alex Mogilner and Kinneret Keren, Actin ‘disassembly clock’ determines shape and speed of lamellipodial fragments, PNAS 108 (51), 20394-99  (2011).

• Kinneret Keren, Cell motility: The integrating role of the plasma membrane. Invited review in European Biophysical Journal 40(9), 1013-1027 (2011).

• Kinneret Keren, Patricia T. Yam, Anika Kinkahabwala, Alex Mogilner and Julie A. Theriot, Intracellular fluid flow in rapidly moving cells, Nature Cell Biology, 11, 1219 – 1224 (2009).

• Kinneret Keren*, Zach Pincus*, Greg M. Allen, Erin L. Barnhart, Gerard Marriott, Alex Mogilner and Julie A. Theriot, Mechanism of shape determination in motile cells, Nature 453 (7194):475-80 (2008).