Ayelet Fishman, Associate Professor

Research Interests:

Applied and molecular biocatalysis, enzyme engineering, enzymes in non-aqueous media

Short Synopsis:

• Molecular biocatalysis: using protein engineering techniques such as directed evolution, saturation mutagenesis, site specific mutagenesis as well as statistical modeling to tailor enzymes for use with unnatural substrates.
• Applied biocatalysis: using enzymes and whole cells to obtain chemicals with high added value, with special focus on chiral drug intermediates and food ingredients.
• Structure-function correlations of enzymes: using protein engineering tools and crystallography to study how enzyme structure influences activity and selectivity. Special focus is placed on oxidizing enzymes and lipases.
• Enzymes in non-aqueous media: using organic solvents and ionic liquids to tailor enzyme properties and allow synthesis of commercially attractive chemicals.

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