Naama Brenner, Associate Professor

Research Interests:

Variability and dynamics at the interface between the cell and population levels of organization

Short Synopsis:

Phenotypic variability in cell populationsIn collaboration with Erez Braun, Technion; Hanna Salman, Pittsburgh University.

H. Salman, N. Brenner, Ch-K. Tung, N. Elyahu, E. Stolovicki, L. Moore, A. Libchaber and E. Braun, “Universal protein fluctuations in microorganism populations. Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 238105 (2012).

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N. Brenner, K. Farkash and E. Braun, “Dynamics of protein distributions in cell populations”, Phys. Biol. 3, 172-182 (2006). (pdf)


Cooperative interactions in microorganism populations.

H. Behar, N. Brenner and Y. Louzoun, “Coexistence of productive and non-productive populations by emergence of spatio-temporal heterogeneity”. Submitted (2013).

Y. Elhanati, S. Schuster and N. Brenner, “Dynamic modeling of cooperative protein secretion in microorganism populations”. Theor. Pop. Biol. 80, 49-63 (2011).



Adaptive cellular response to signals

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G. Gilboa, R. Chen and N. Brenner, “History dependent multiple time scale dynamics in a single neuron model”, J. Neurosci. 25, 6479-6489 (2005).


Cellular adaptation to regulatory rewiring in yeast populations. In collaboration with Erez Braun, Technion.

S. Stern, T. Dror, E. Stolovicki,  N. Brenner and E. Braun, “Genome-wide transcriptional plasticity underlies cellular adaptation to novel challenge”, Mol. Sys. Biol. 3, article #106 (2007) . (LINK TO: Stern_MSB2007.PDF). See also commentary by E.V. Koonin, Mol. Sys. Biol. 3, article # 107 (2007).

E. Stolovicki, T. Dror, N. Brenner and E. Braun, “Synthetic gene-recruitment reveals adaptive reprogramming of gene regulation in yeast”, Genetics 173, 75-85 (2006).