Gadi Schuster, Professor

Research Interests:

green energy, bio-generator, hydrogen for energy, photosynthesis

Short Synopsis:

Bio-photoelectric cell
An integrated, multidisciplinary project combining plant genetic engineering, biochemistry, chemistry and electric engineering. The key objective of this multidisciplinary project is to construct a novel, sustainable energy production system that enables the production of reducing power by a crude photosynthetic extract of a transgenic plant. The system is engineered such that the electron source (water) will be replenished continually, and the only reaction by-product – molecular oxygen and hydrogen, will be removed and collected. Therefore, this bio-energy generator will produce electricity and hydrogen, both extremely valuable resources of energy. The planned system is completely “green” in function, with absolutely no production of chemical pollutants. In collaboration with Prof. Noam Adir, Faculty of Chemistry and Prof. Nir Tessler, Faculty of Electrical Engineering.