Noam E Ziv, Professor

Research Interests:

Synaptic Dynamics and Tenacity

Short Synopsis:

The Ziv lab uses long-term imaging and multielectrode array recordings to study the remodeling dynamics of CNS synapses at both the population and individual synapse level. The focus of these studies is to determine the degree to which synaptic remodeling and tenacity depend on activity, specific molecules, and stochastic processes acting at many time scales.
Collaborations outside the Technion
Craig Garner, Stanford; Eckart Gundelfinger,  Michael Kreutz, Daniela Dieterich, IfN, Magdeburg; Susanne Schoch, Inst. of Neuropathology, Bonn; Nils Brose, MPI Goettingen; Kobi Rosenblum, Haifa

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